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  • Uusitalo, Terhi (2017)
    The purpose of this Bachelor’s Thesis has been examined children’s experiences about a certain emotion and interaction intervention and how to include those skills to part of their daily life.The introduction of the new curriculum has been supported with different kinds of interventions,whose purpose is to have an influence on individuals’or groups’behavior. It has been noticed in the researches that interventions that are effective in the experimental designs are not always successful in ordinary operational environments. For this reason it is important to study, based on the current pedagogical context and involving the changes of the new curriculum, how the children see the skills of emotion and interaction and the interventions that improve these skills as a part of their daily lives. I executed the structured theme interview by interviewing six (6) pupils in the sixth grade. I analyzed the material with material based content analysis. The object was to search and summarize pupils’ thoughts about how to apply the emotion and interaction skills in practice In children’s talks it came up that an adult can lead child’s emotion and interaction skills to either better or worse direction. The troubles in the interaction between children, such as a fear of be marked or social roles, affect the social interaction of the whole class and this way applying learned emotion and interaction skills. In my research it came up that children do not understand why classes teaching these skills are being held. Furthermore it appeared based on the material that it was experienced very distant or even impossible to adapt these skills outside the class. Based on the results arouses a need to pay more attention on adults’ interaction skills, group dynamics and the transparency of intervention before new skills can be applied in the practice.