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  • Uutela, Julia (2019)
    In this research the intention was to review how Nonviolent Communication theory could solve school satisfaction problems. In addition to that this research demonstrates the idea of NVC theory and the elements of school satisfaction. NVC theory is a concrete model of empathic interaction. The goal of NVC is to create a genuine, present and understanding relationship to another. The interest to survey possibilities of NVC theory in relation to school satisfaction came from the insight of how much school teaches things through communication and the hidden curriculum. School satisfaction problems are also a very current concern. This research is implemented as a literature review. The study first introduces NVC theory and the central school satisfaction factors. After that NVC theory is compared and further developed in relation to each school satisfaction factor. This study is primarily based on the works of the developer of NVC theory, Marshall Rosenberg. As the source literature for studying school satisfaction factors, this study primarily uses recent Finnish research on the topic. As a summary of this study, it can be noted that NVC theory might offer a needed solution for many school satisfaction problems. However, these solutions might require changes in the school activity culture. Even though the changes in the school activity cultures are needed and recognized the significant changes in the school culture take time. Therefore, forerunners are required in the field. NVC theory is based on a child-oriented perspective that also values human freedom. This perspective can feel unusual for the school system and it has also been criticized. Therefore, in the end of this study, there will be a section that takes into account the critiques of NVC theory.