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  • Väänänen, Oona (2020)
    The aim of this study is to examine learning-related beliefs and their impact on academic performance. The other aim is to study how a teacher can contribute to development of beliefs that impact positively on learning. Previous studies have shown that a learner’s beliefs about learning and about oneself have a significant impact on learning outcomes. Studies have also shown that a teacher has a big role on effecting learners’ beliefs. The study is a descriptive literature review. The main data consisted of six peer-reviewed articles that were published in years 1996-2018. The articles deal with learning-related beliefs and their impact on learning. The studies took place in United States of America and Finland. On the strength of this study, beliefs about learning affected on learning strategies that a learner used and consequently on learning outcomes. Learners who found knowledge dualistic, tended to use surface learning strategies which leaded to decreased understanding and worse learning outcomes. Learners who used deep learning strategies considered knowledge more likely in relativistic than dualistic way. In addition to that, also beliefs about learner’s own capability affected on learning outcomes. Self-efficacy affects what kind of tasks a learner takes, how much effort he or she is ready to make and how persistent to study. A teacher can have an effect on learners’ beliefs by giving process-directed feedback, emphasizing content management and giving pupils meaningful tasks that are challenging enough.