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  • Vähä-Heikkilä, Veera (2019)
    The purpose of my research is to find out the present situation of the interior textiles and to examine what kind of source books and texts are available. I’m looking for an answer to why and what kind of interior textiles are used in homes, what kind of requirements and hopes for interior textiles and what the future of interior textiles appears. Examination of the interior textiles belonging to the home environment is scarce in research literature and so I formed a general view of the interior textiles, their tasks and future outlook in my own study. I used integrative literature review as research method in which case I was able to collect a uniform wholeness of the examined and published information from the subject matter earlier. I chose materials by searching extensively for related literature and other sources. I chose materials that contained information that was relevant to my research perspective, current or otherwise versatile. The research shows that interior textiles are used in the interior decoration according to an own taste and style. In addition to the inhabitant's own likings, care properties, price and current trends affect the choice of a textile and textile product. The furnishing fabrics offer an easy and attention wise significant way to change the home to correspond to one’s identity and wishes. The furnishing fabrics can appear in many forms regarding movables and they can even be used in every room of the home. The consumer habits have changed so that people try to reduce the number of objects which belong to the interior decoration and to acquire timeless, durable and high-quality textiles to be a part of an interior. Recycling and ecological choices enable responsible use of textiles. In the future interior textile experiences change in regard to material and the use. Interactive and technical textiles break ideas linked to the traditional textile and thus provide new possibilities to use and extend the tasks of interior textiles.