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  • Vaarnavuo Viivi (2016)
    Objectives. My research objective was to find out what kind of information Helsingin Sanomat newspaper tells about the new curriculum. What kinds of things are emphasized in the reform and is the news coverage’s tone positive or negative? One of this study’s bases was a theory that says that media acts as an intermediary, for example between decision-makers, teachers and parents. Mass communication has strength to create an arena of social interaction in which we all communicate, create values and form social groups. This new curriculum has become a part of our mediatization society, because the public curriculum has become private experience. Methods. My research materials were 33 newspaper articles. Articles were published in Helsingin Sanomat between 1.1.2015 and 20.4.2016. The articles were mainly news and opinion articles. I found the articles in Helsingin Sanomat online archive with my own account. I categorized my material by using three themes: economic speech, change speech and learning speech. Economic speech focused on economic aspects related on the curriculum, change speech focused to the social changes underlying the curriculum and the learning speech focused everything from learning to school. I analyzed the use of the themes and the language of the themes with discourse analyze. Results and conclusions. The curriculum discourse in Helsingin Sanomat focused on the change and learning speech. Change speech had a strong view in future, diversity and digitalization. Learning speech was identified by talk of community and applied skills. Conclusion, I can say that the Helsingin Sanomat news defines the new curriculum changes as positive, innovative, digital, challenging and success-oriented. Curriculum changes are expected to impact on the harmonization of the theory and practice, as well as the fact that all people should get along with each other in the future.