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  • Vaenerberg, Lotta (2018)
    This study creates a immerse picture of how adults can handle conflict management between children and adults according to two different methods for problem solving and conflict solving, named Kids' s skills and The incredible years. The purpose of this study is to visualize and highlight traits and patterns of the methods, to enable answering the questions of how to handle and manage conflicts and if there are similar patterns between the two chosen methods. This study is a qualitative text analysis which is executed by comparing the chosen methods. This is done by the help of a chart that displays overall conceptions of the methods. The result indicates that significant traits of conflict management are supportive figures, desires and communication. Important patterns for how to handle conflict management are, regardless of which method is chosen: social skills, communication, support and if the conflict is destructive or constructive. To summaries, it can be said that The incredible years aim to develop parenting skills and the ability of adults to solve problems and handle conflicts, while Kids' skills aim to teach the child a specific skill to be able to handle a specific conflict.