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  • Virta, Vilma-Lotta (2016)
    Motivational interviewing is a counseling approach for increasing the client’s readiness to change. This is done by helping the client explore their own values. In this review I am looking into its suitability for the treatment of anorexia nervosa. The review includes two case studies and three controlled studies about the e ectiveness of applications of motivational interviewing when treating eating disorders. One study about sta s’ and patients’ opinions about collaborative therapy style is also included, as well as two studies about the impact of readiness to change on recovery. Based on these ndings, motivational interview seems to increase clients’ motivation to change, but it did not lead to signi cantly better treatment outcomes, when compared to, for example, cognitive behavioural therapy. However, the sta and patiens seemed to prefer collaborative treatment style over directive style, and readiness to change appeared to lead to better recovery. These ndings are somewhat contradictory to the ndings of the controlled studies. Still, since the studies included here had many aws, the topic should be researched more thoroughly.