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  • Virtanen, Vilma (2020)
    The aim of this literature review was to find out, what kind of textile handicrafts were collected from East Carelian area during Continuation War in 1941–1944 and who were the people who collected them and why did they collect them. Many studies have notions of this subject, but actual research about handicraft related actions in this area hasn’t been done. The research was carried out as a systematic literature review and the material was analyzed using a qualitative method. The analyzed publications were found by searching from databases and investigating the reference lists of these publications. Two historical researces, one Master’s thesis and literature from couple persons that worked in the area at the time were selected as the material of this research. Finns collected textile handicrafts from the occupied area to preserve them from weather conditions, to examine them and to teach the techniques forward. The goal was to attach the East Carelian area to Finland and collected handicrafts were a part of this academic work. The textile handicrafts that were collected represented all kinds of products, for example woven cloths, clothes, towels, laces and wall hangings. Especially scientist Helmi Helminen and Tyyni Vahter as well as handcraft teachers Tyyne-Kerttu Virkki and Maija Stenij were the ones to collect the handicrafts from the area.