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  • Virto, Ella (2020)
    The aim of this survey was to view Finnair’s cabin crew uniform in particular. The research questions we’re: how does the cabin crew see their uniform as a part of their occupational identity, what is the meaning of the uniform for it’s user and is the cabin crew pleased with the current uniform? The data was collected through an interview electric questionnaire in November 2020. 14 cabin crew members answered. Statistical methods such as fenomenology and qualitative content analysis were used to analyze the data. The results of this surveys showed that the uniform has a significant role in the participants’ occupational identity. It highlights fellowship between crew members and responsibility and safety during flights. Identification of crew members between each other and customers was also important. The uniform has a lot of sentimental value and that the members did not want to give up using it. The cabin crew were mainly satisfied with the uniform abd it was conside-red to reflect well Finnair’s values. There were also many improvement requests for Finnair’s next cabin crew uniform whose design planning will be started during next years.