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  • Vola, Satu Elina (2017)
    The purpose of this literature review is to find out, how music education is carried out in Finnish early childhood education. Music education is reviewed especially from the aspect of creativity and involvement. Another goal for this study is to discover how composing has been researched in the field of under-school-age children in Finland. The selection of the literature was guided by two terms: music composition pedagogy and inclusive education. Only one general guide on music composition pedagogy has been published in Finland, whereas inclusive education has been widely researched, owing to storycrafting. In addition to various studies, the literature review will highlight two Finnish musical applications: songcrafting and storycomposing, and will analyse their differences and similarities with the storycrafting. The used literature was mainly Finnish, early childhood education oriented studies, but some essential international researches were included. The National Curriculum of Early Childhood Education obliges the kindergartens to carry out diverse music education despite the low amount of literature and research. One’s own experiences of music education have an impact to kindergarten teachers’ motivation as music educators and the didactic advices from the university are not enough to change attitudes. The literature in this study focuses on the operating environment and the teachers’ attitudes. There is more research of small children composing in the field of music education than in the early childhood education. The limited amount of studies on small children composing has lowered this study’s credibility, and therefore indicated a need for further research. A further study could be an intervention including composing and its connection to involvement and well-being of the children.