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  • Vuorma, Iiris (2017)
    Objectives: The purpose of this study is to portray forest preschool´s operating plan. In this study, we especially focused on how the forest as a learning environment´s plans appear; we also focused on the course and content of each day. Furthermore, we investigated how games and activities are carried out at the forest preschool and the nature of them. We examined which preschool teaching modules were focused upon. Methods: As research material, we used a forest preschool teacher´s written plans, which included daily journal notes and weekly plans. Of the plans, we chose three four-week long excerpts of which: one was from autumn, one was from winter, and the last one was from spring. The plans were examined methodically using a material-based content analysis. In the study, we used quantification for we desired to know quantitative values. We received the material for this study as a ready document. Results & Conclusions: Based upon the results of this study, forest preschool´s activity plans are quite activity-weighted. The plans mostly include descriptions (and the course) of the activities. Research results show that the forest was put to good use as a preschool learning environment as a source for natural materials, forest excursions, nature studies, observations as well as picnicking in the forest. Whole preschool days were also spent in the forest. However, winter was an exception, because more days were spent indoors rather than outdoors. Based upon the study results, weather conditions and the change of seasons affected the operations of the forest preschool. The forest preschool´s plans contained free-play and guided-play. The guided-play also included activity requests from the children. Playing in the nature occurred mostly in autumn and spring. Study results show that the forest preschool plans focused on the following preschool teaching module basis (2014): ``I study and work in my environment`` learning module, which focused upon mathematical, geographical, technological and scientific knowledge. The unified teaching at metsä preschool was average-ranked in regards to the implementation of operations.