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  • Westman, Anna (2017)
    The study deals with factors that aim to address HIV-related stigma on the basis of analysis of publications by the HIV Center in 2016. Previous studies have shown that HIV can lead to social isolation and often stigmatizes the carrier. The basis of the study therefore lies in the fears and prejudices that HIV positive people are subject to. The purpose of this study was to analyze the image of the infection presented in the HIV Center’s materials as well as the importance of that image in overcoming the stigma-generating factors. The subject was approached from the perspective of social stigma. The study perceived three HIV-associated stigma-producing factors: deviation from societal norms, fears of easy transmissibility, and assumptions of morbidity and poor prognosis. The research material consists of the HIV Center’s brochures for public use and its 30-year-anniversary publication from 2016. The research method was theory-oriented content analysis. The material was examined in relation to stigma-generating factors in order to find content related to reducing the stigma associated with infection with HIV. The study showed that the HIV infection is a rather well-managed disease in Finland. Manageability manifested itself through two themes: the maintenance of functional capacity, and of an independent lifestyle. Negative attitudes occurred in the effects that restrict the life of the HIV positive. A change in attitudes on a general level will help HIV positive people maintain their functional capacity and an independent lifestyle. Hence, this study considers it important to spread knowledge among the wider population through academic research and open discussion.