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  • Ylämäki, Laura (2017)
    There has been a big concern about children and youth’s, especially boys, decreasing leisure reading and how it effects reading skills. This Bachelor’s Thesis are meant to find out what we already know children’s leisure reading and the support of it in. The other goal is to find out what need to be research next. This thesis is systematic literature review. Material consists of seventeen research articles and three Finnish Master’s Thesis. The research articles are published in Finland, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore and Taiwan. Material has been limited in 2010s. Studies has been categorized to seven groups: reading motivation, leisure reading support, reading habits, reading engagement, reading choices, gender effects and connection between leisure reading and learning. There is only few Finnish studies so more research of each group is needed. The research of leisure reading support needs also new viewpoints and more research. Especially middle school aged children are group who doesn’t have much research.