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  • af Björksten, Josefine (2018)
    The purpose of this thesis is to present the possibilities of book discussions while at the same time highlight the differences between adults and children's perspective regarding children's literature, reading aloud and book discussions. Children's literature has a long history and many positive effects on children's development, but the status of children's literature is currently at risk due to increased media usage. Thus I will in this thesis present why children's literature is important and what possibilities there are with children's literature and book discussions. A part of the scope is also to cover if book discussions can be a means of approaching children's perspective. To fulfill the scope of this thesis an interview with an educator and book discussions with children were used as methods. Based on this thesis theoretical part, the interview and the book discussions with the children, I will reflect and present the possibilities of book discussions. The results and conclusions of this thesis are that the possibilities of book discussions are many, but the best thing is how book discussions can act as a bridge to approach children's perspective. With the help of children's literature and conversations around books, an educator can approach children's perspective and learning, while gaining insight into the children's world of living.