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  • Ora, Inka (2019)
    The purpose of this research is to study and describe how craft skills affect the choosing of a hobby for a fifties-fan who makes some of her clothes herself. In this study the questions of what is appealing of 1950s, what craft skills a fifties-fan needs for her hobby and where a fifties-fan finds inspiration and help for her crafting were examined and answered. The re-sults were compared to Vartiainen’s (2006) study about transmitting craft skills and information in virtual environments. There are no previous studies about 1950s as a hobby. The research data was collected in a group interview of three fifties-fans. All participants were females. The data was analysed based on the framework that was made for the interview. The theoretical basis of this study served as an aid in interpreting the results. The results indicate that craft and sewing skills have been a necessity for a fifties-fan to be able to dress in the 1950s’ style. 1950s have a special meaning for the fifties-fans as its masculine and feminine women’s fashion have helped the fans to become more positive about their bodies. The results indicate that problem solving of the fifties-fans is slightly different from the craft makers in Vartiainen’s (2006) study. Reality groups are more important for the fifties-fans than virtual groups. Though virtual groups are a source of inspiration and ideas for dressing up.