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  • Salmijärvi, Linda (2016)
    This study examines the gender ideology in ABC-books. The purpose of this study is to answer the research question such as how many masculine and feminine characters there are in the ABC-book texts and how is gender disrcriped in those texts. I compare the results of the study to Tarja Palmu’s (1991) research findings and consider whether the gender ideology in the ABC-books has changed during the 25 years. The research material consists of three currently used ABC-books, Pikkumetsän aapinen and Salainen aapinen from SanomaPro and Taikamaan aapinen from Otava. This study is a qualitative study, but i also use quantitative methods. My analysis method is the content analysis and i use Andrée Michel’s (1986) body of analysis in my study. I devided the characters from the ABC-books into a four groups; man/woman, girl/boy, feminine/masculine animal character and feminine/masculine fantasy character. I examine the description of gender through the social reference, action and social and emotional behaviour. Based on the results there is more masculine than feminine characters in every ABC-book and the number of gendered animals has soared over the past 25 years.