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  • Nyman, Maria (2016)
    Due to Finland’s economic situation, the youth of today have to grow up in a society that requires them to get an education as soon as possible, in order to quickly find work and be able to provide for themselves. Consequently, this means that e.g. high school graduates are forced to quickly decide where they would like to continue their studies. Hence, this thesis is specifically focused on high school graduates and their experiences. In order to create a greater understanding for what feelings the graduates go through during this time in their lives, the aim of this thesis is to investigate how the high school graduates experience this specific turning point; what factors lie behind the emotions they feel, and how they believe their high school has supported them in their thoughts and decisions regarding their future and education. The theoretical framework mainly consists of Ryan & Deci’s Self Determination Theory (SDT) and the theory of Locus of Control. This study is qualitative in nature; the data was collected through individual interviews with three high school students who graduated spring of 2016. The results of this study show that this particular phase in the high school graduates’ lives generates a lot of different thoughts and feelings among them. In order for them to experience this time in their lives as positively as possible, the results suggest that the graduates require a nurturing and supporting social environment. In addition, a healthy mental wellness based on intrinsic motivation and an inner locus of control is also required. Moreover, this study provides evidence for the fact that these particular elements, along with the support from the high school guidance counselling and the counsellors, support the graduates in handling this turning point in their lives. Together these elements help the graduates decide between the different choices they have to make regarding their future.