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  • Vasarainen, Minna (2016)
    Object. Ethical sensitivity is terminologically close to “social intelligence”, which is the new represented form of intelligence. Ethical sensitivity in practice means for example that how well an individual is able to cope with other people and legitimate one’s actions to others. In internet societies it’s a relevant factor when individuals form a new social rules among each other. The goal of the study was to describe the way ethical sensitivity manifests in a one of these societies, which has formed around a game-streaming channel in a streaming service. The subject interested me specially because the channel and streaming environment general involves lot of young people and different kind of information technology takes more and more of our time including youngsters. This study analyzes the streamers actions based on one thematic interview. It also introduces a new work ethic called “hacker ethics” and considers its possibilities among the workers in 21th century in new kinds of environments, which information technology makes possible. Method. The research method was a qualitative case study with a thematic interview. I interviewed one person who streams professionally. In addition, I participated to the channels activity to form a better understanding about the research environment. Conclusions. The streamer has on her/his channel unquestionable power as well as the responsibility of handling the channel. Since the ownership of the channel streamer gives guidelines about the approved behaviour in the channel. The streamer is able to show with her/his own choices one way of coping with different kind of conflict situations despite of biases people might have. Studies have shown that showing an example of approved behaviour might be helpful to decrease bullying via internet.