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  • Krouvi, Jaana (2019)
    The purpose of this thesis was to describe use of the digital equipments in education. Making of the products, is understood as new curriculum (POPS 2014) is suggesting, coaching student to pervasive knowledge, multimaterial use, fenomena based and 21st century skills learning abilities. Theory of this work is based on invention pedagogy where students are making inventions from their own life. Inventionpedagogy is supporting pervasive knowledge skills as kritical thinking and selfregulated learning abilities. Student based learning is changing the way how teaching is implemented. There are no models you can use, product goals are driven in real life. That is problem based learning, fenomena based or challenge based learning. Use of technology and integrating it to learning is spreading slowly. Equipments are expensive and sofware unfamiliar. Teachers education is aming to advance technology based invention pedagogy and need of knowledge. In InnoKomps training teachers are designing project using these methods. Innokomp is nation wide research, whitch is pointed to teachers and teacher education. InnoKomp training is still going on. Material of this thesis was given 2018 and it contains starting point inquiry (N35) and ending poin inquiry (N14). Permission to use this material was given from participating universities. Teachers answers were analysed by Atlas.ti program and content analyse. Research method is qualitative. Teachers feelings and experiences toward digitality and future aims were collected from material. Results are reflected to changing of craft teaching and reform of curriculum. Research outcomes turn out that 21 teacher have previous experience on digital modeling. On the other hand 11 teacher have few or none. From these teachers, 8 got benefit of the training and they learned something new. Teachers feelings toward digitality were vast, dislike to enthustiasm. InnoKomp training was conceived good. Teachers own objectives to the training were to understand and learn new things. To complete professional skills to meet up OPS 2014 goals. To bring new equipments to craft teaching and new ways of teaching future skills.