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  • Järvilehto, Nina (2017)
    Objective of this study was to research cooperation between pre-school and primary education in first year class. In my research, I focused to find out different forms of cooperation between teachers at pre-school and primary education as well as the benefits and challenges of this cooperation. My thesis was that this style of cooperation exists and happens on a regular basis, but it is limited to selective school subjects and joint projects. My interest into the cooperation of pre-school and primary education level teachers comes for my working experience in the field of education. I realized that there were major differences in the quality and volume of cooperation, even inside the municipality. Multiple studies (Forss-Pennanen 2006; Poikonen 2003) support my observations that the cooperation between pre-school and primary education varies both in content as well as its extent. This research focused on obtaining information about practical cooperation in everyday life of pre-school and primary education. The research also aims to increase consciousness regarding the importance of said cooperation. It is my understanding that a well-planned and close cooperation supports growth, development and learning of individuals. My research was qualitative case study. Research material was gathered using partially structured theme interviews. For my research, I interviewed three persons who are working in schools and responsible for cooperation between pre-school and primary education. Research material was analysed based on data-driven content analysis. The cooperation between pre-school and primary education can be considered materially important particularly in the pivotal phase where children move from pre-school to primary education. Supporting learning process and growth was easier when primary level teachers knew their student already based on year of pre-school. Teachers could utilize their professional skills better by ability grouping their teaching based on different skill levels. Early integration to school community increased the students team spirit and cooperation skills. Familiarity with the teacher and facilities made it easier for the students to get started with their primary education. A close cooperation between pre-school and primary education teachers enabled planning for activities and support of students in a flexible and consisted way. Support of the principal as enabler of this cooperation and educational consistency, which took place in pivotal phase was identified as the key phenomenon of this research.