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  • Lehmuskoski, Hanna (2017)
    The purpose of this thesis is to enlighten parent’s experiences of when their first child begins daycare in a small city. The daycare start is a multifaceted process, and in this small city it consists of an introductional information letter, a visit to the child's home, getting an own personal carer, and a training period in the daycare to prepare the child. The quality of the interaction between daycare staff and the parents has shown in earlier studies to be significant for the start, and is therefore also a part of this study. The research method used in this study is qualitative interviews. Three parents, whose first-born child recently had started daycare were interviewed. Each of them had experiences of three different types of daycare: municipal daycare, municipal family daycare, and municipal round-the-clock care. The results show that the parents in this city had very positive experiences of the whole daycare start. Therefore this study exemplifies what an ideal start in daycare looks like. The parents consider the most important factors in the daycare start to be that the process genuinely emanates from the child's needs, as well as a good collaboration with the daycare staff. All these factors together form the well-being of the child when starting daycare. The exchange of information and the means of communication can vary a lot, and also what age the child is may matter.