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  • Karihtala, Eeva-Leena (2018)
    Genre-based pedagogies for teaching text skills have gained more recognition in the past years. One of the genre pedagogic traditions, Reading to Learn (R2L) genre pedagogy, aims to provide solutions to many current challenges within education. The gap between high and low achievers in reading and writing must be narrowed so that knowledge will not be polarized into two extremities of success. The aim of this thesis is to become familiarized with the R2L method and its researched benefits in language learning and summarize teachers’ experiences with the method. The research questions were answered utilizing data that comprised six peer-reviewed articles, two Finnish master’s theses and three pedagogical advice articles. In addition, this thesis compares the data to theoretical literature from the fields of educational sociology and linguistics and journal articles about genre pedagogy. Despite different focal points in the analysed studies, a few generalizations can be made. Using the genre pedagogic R2L method students’ text skills improved in all age groups that were studied. The schematic structure of the taught genre was better recognised. The linguistic resources typical to different genres were adopted and applied into independent writing. Students’ texts became more detailed and their writer’s voice more distinct. Meanings were expressed in a more versatile manner.