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  • Lönnholm, May (2017)
    Children's literature conveys gender-related societal norms and thus it is important to reflect on the books that are read to children from a gender point of view. This bachelor’s thesis examines how gender is depicted in recently published Finnish-Swedish picture books aimed at 1-5-year-old children. The focus is on the portrayal of adult characters. The study addresses the following research questions: From a gender point of view, how are adults depicted in these books? Are the gender-related positions that are offered normative or norm breaking? Six Finnish-Swedish picture books published in 2015 were analysed using a hermeneutical approach. The results indicate a multi-faceted and complex portrayal of gender. There are similarities as well as differences between female, male and gender-neutral characters. Both normative and norm-breaking gender-related positions are offered. As the books also include characters who break gender stereotypes, Finnish-Swedish picture books may be a good choice from a gender point of view. Nevertheless, certain books are more stereotypical than others and thus the Finnish-Swedish picture books that are read to children should be chosen with care.