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  • Kuosma, Marlen (2016)
    Starting daycare is a big change in family’s everyday life. Depending on the kindergarden and family the methods of starting vary althought ”soft landing” is now prefered. Cooperating with parents and educational partnership are an important part of safe and natural daycare beginning. In some kindergartens primary nursing can support and make the transition easier. However sometimes there are situations where educational staff should know how beginning daycare shows in families and what kind of support they would need with the beginning. The objective of the study is to open up how beginning daycare in homes and families adapt to it. My research questions are as follow: 1. How of daycare is arranged? 2. How the of daycare shows in family everday life? 2.1 How has one related to the of daycare? 2.2 How has one adapted to the of daycare? The material consisted of ten blogs ans posts within the blogs which dealt with the of daycare. The material was analyzed with material based content analysis. The study stated that starting discussion and the material from the discussion are an important part of the transition. The transition to daycare happens usually with soft landing, but 1–2 days of getting to know daycare is also common. In one family there was no time in which the family got to know the daycare. Parents tense about the of daycare because of the changing routines and because of the childs adaption. Children react to the of daycare in many ways. In separation situations crying was the most common way to react in the beginning. One adapted to daycare relatively quickly althought after the daycare day fatigue and longing for closeness were present. On should pay more attention in the start of daycare to that the changes from transition are being handled more like the way childrens in usually react to transition. Daycare staff has a large importance to how the transition is going and how much parents tense the transition. It is important to create a safe feeling.