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  • Veijonaho, Salla (2018)
    The main aim was to define how sustainable development is seen in a local curriculum. The local curriculum includes subjects and hours to study. It also includes valued and recognised values, knowledge and ideas of learning. The curriculum embodies the paradigms and beliefs of the present society. On the other hand, it can also be the key for the change in the paradigms and beliefs. Sustainable development is a multidimensional construct. It is specified with dimensions of ecological, economic and social in this research. Sustainable development actualizes through prevalent paradigms in micro layer. In this case the crucial concepts are human related and relational paradigms. The meanings of sustainable development given by the curriculum have crucial impact to students’ paradigms and that way also to the process of building a sustainable future. This research takes part to dialogues of environmental and educational politics. This research is a case study. The subjects of the study are the general and subject specific parts of Kempele’s curriculum of comprehensive school. The study materials were analysed by using theory oriented content analysis and quantitative content differentiation. Analysis based on frames of ten dimensions founded on previous studies. The study materials were classified by using the frames. Technology had the main role in the curriculum. The importance of technology was unquestionable which is a typical feature of the human related paradigm. The subjects related to the dimensions of group identity and to the role of economic appear clearly in the curriculum. The frames’ dimension of view of growth and progress and the dimension of power between human and nature didn’t show in the material. For 1st and 2nd grades’ students, sustainable development was presented through biophilia. In the upper grades, the concept of sustainable development got multidimensional. Overall, sustainable development was presented superficial in the curriculum. That is a sight either of inner corruption of sustainable development or of the concept not been properly internalized in Kempele. School, teachers and the study books might have a bigger role as the determiners of sustainable development.