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  • Hyttinen, Karita (2017)
    This research is a literature review about place attachment and othering. The aim was to examine the meaning of place attachment and othering and to investigate the thoughts people have about place attachment based on previous studies. Another aim was to seek possible connections between place attachment and othering. The most important goal for the researcher was to find theory-based support for class teachers to help pupils concerning their feelings about home and place attachment. Diverse academic researches, articles, doctoral dissertations and master´s thesis were used as materials for this literature review. Narrative literature review was utilized as a method to make the review as comprehensive as possible. Most of the material was found from the international field but there is also some material from Finland. Especially in cultural and humanistic geography there has been much research about place attachment and the individual experience around it. A specific place becomes meaningful through individual´s emotions, experiences, relationships and memories. The feeling of belonging to a place (place attachment) is composed between these factors. The meaning of home, close relationships and special memories came to the fore the most. Individual features as age, sex and socio-economic status had also an influence on how the place attachment was formed. Based on this literature review othering happens through place attachment when surroundings as people around us increases inequality.