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  • Niemi, Maria (2018)
    The development of technology and science has changed the life of human. Dog clothing phenomenon has been born as a part of this development. Dogs can't share their thoughts about clothes so humans make conclusions based on behaviour of dogs. Users of dog clothing say that the garment must be of appropriate size. A suitable size means that the garment is not too small or too large. On the streets there is a smaller chance to see dogs in small clothes because the dog owner can't wear a small cloth over the dog. Instead there is a higher possibility to see dogs with too large clothes since it is more difficult to notice too large clothes. The purpose of this study was to make a guide how the dog owner can see too large clothing. To create a justifiable and reliable model I had to define three variables: dog, dog clothing and garment. All dogs have the same body model, so one dog's picture was used as an example in the analysis. The dog's garment and clothing were determined with a Nordic pattern system. A reasoned model to identify excessive clothing was created by analyzing the results ob-tained, exemplary clothing and important dimensions of dog clothing. A tutorial including series of images was created based on the study. Images makes it easy to visually understand how to choose the right sized garment for the dog. The study was fo-cused on practical problems so that the result material could be used for example to guide and make it easier for dog owners to purchase clothes for their dogs.