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  • Hirvonen, Anna (2019)
    Dog-assistance in educational sciences is a relatively new phenomenon. The aim of this descriptive literature review is to research how dog-assistance is been used as a means of teaching. This review also describes how dog-assisted education connects with well-being and learning. The literacy that was used in this descriptive review is mostly from educational sciences. In this review the concept of animal-assistance and dog-assistance are explicated. The concept of learning and motivation have also been described in this literary review. This study was conducted as a descriptive literary review, which means that the phenomenon was viewed in the context of educational sciences. Databases such as Helka and Google Scholar were used to find information of the subject. Many master’s theses and other studies concerning the subject, were used as sources in this review. As a result of this descriptive literacy review it can be said that dogs are used in meny diffe-rent ways as a means of teaching. Dog-assisted activity can be integrated to many subjects in school, for example to physical education, to finnish and to mathematics. Dog´s handler is in essential role in providing quality education. Dog´s can provide emotional support and ac-cording to many studies they have an positive effect on learning and motivation to learn. The presence of dogs can have a positive effect on children´s ability to concentrate and concen-quently to learning. Additionally dogs can have a positive connection to well-being overall.