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  • Mikkola, Heidi (2016)
    This thesis presents parents’ thoughts about software solution for communication, Wilma, as a collaboration tool between home and school. The research question is: What do parents think about Wilma as a collaboration tool between home and school and what kind of expectations and development proposals parents have to improve Wilma and it’s use? This thesis presents a qualitative research which was conducted using an open-ended survey. 15 parents who were using Wilma took part in the e-survey. The data was collected in January 2016. The analysis was conducted using theory-guided content analysis that contained seven categories. The gategories were 1) communication and interaction, 2) support for learning and growth 3) behavior and practices 4) usability 5) cooperation and community 6) guidance and training and 7) the student’s active role. The parents were generally satisfied with communication and interaction via Wilma. They experienced increased interaction between home and school. Parents wanted to get a variety of information of their child and school. They experienced different types of practices how teachers used Wilma and they hoped mutual practices in schools. In the future it would be interesting to study what teachers and students think about wilma and how would they develop Wilma as a collaboration tool and it’s use between home and school.