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  • Pirttinen, Sanna (2017)
    Objectives. The aim of this study was to find out what models and tools existing research and educational literature offers for teachers to combat racism, discrimination and bullying in a multicultural school environment. The aim of the study was particularly deepen and increase our understanding of the kind of tools that various researchers have found to gain the teachers’ intercultural competence in order to support broad-mindedness-generating work at school. Methods. My research method was a literature review. A literature review has took an advantage as research method that allows to investigate the already known information. In my research I focused on the concepts of intercultural competence as well as the work against racism and discrimination at school. Results and conclusions. In my research I did find existing information on how to combat racism, discrimination and bullying in schools, as well as some concrete tools that I present. Different ways that were found include teacher's personal competencies, the workplace atmosphere and the support of colleagues, a variety of non-school organizations and projects, as well as the teacher's everyday choices. The teacher's strong cultural identity and intercultural competence highlight an important element in the work to combat racism and discrimination. Many of the tools mentioned are useless if teacher's competence is incomplete or sense of personal identity has not been sufficiently worked out.