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  • Miettinen, Joona (2019)
    The aim of the study is to collect data on learning environments. The learning environment of the concept is very broad, and it seems to mean a wide variety of things. Learning environments are many different places and spaces outside school buildings. The concept includes the versatile use of classroom facilities combined with the combination of physical and virtual spaces. My research questions are: 1. In what ways are learning environments classified? 2. Are these classifications similar to each other? The study was carried out as a descriptive literature review. I'm looking for answers to my research questions by reading literature on learning environments. The concept of a learning environment is very diverse and wide, even when the phenomenon itself is multidimensional. I found three different ways of viewing and structuring learning environments from the literature. Marja Mononen Aaltonen (1999) examines the learning environment as an ecosystem, a place, a virtual space and dialogues. (Manninen & Pesonen 1997) examines the basic types of learning environments, which are contextual, open, closed and technology-based learning environments. The third way to structure learning environments is to divide the concept into five perspectives (Manninen et al. 2007): physical (space), local (environment), social (atmosphere), technological (ICT) and didactic (how to promote learning).