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  • Miila, Vesio (2019)
    This Bachelor´s thesis is about to explain empirically what correctional vocational education and employment after the sentence in Finland is. The thesis has been implemented by qualitative study extract. The thesis follows research ethics and guidelines of Finnish National Board on Research Integrity (TENK). Method guides have been used. The thesis aims to increase the consciousness of the correctional education. The thesis is based on the character of the public discussion and a social and scientific need. In Finland, the subject has not been researched extensively, so further studies of the thesis would be valuable. The research data has been collected with two methods: by writing task completed by prisoners who study vocational education and by a group interview with staff who work in an open prison. The research data was collected at the end of the year 2018 and during the spring of the year 2019. The correctional vocational education can be thought as an expression of lifelong learning. This study shows that lifelong learning links the correctional vocational education and employment together in three different ways: education as enabler of the employment, studying as developing the own know-how and a reform of the vocational education. The results bring out a critical viewpoint: vocational education institutions have less responsibility of the learning than ever and the responsibility has been transferred to workplaces. This study shows that studying vocational education during the prison term is based on different motives. The most important motives are developing own know-how and advantages which are obtained through studying. Studying is meaningful because the prisoners are interested in study fields. Studying during prison term is not that different than studying in everyday life. The results describe employment after the sentence through three themes: preparing to working life during the prison term, optimistic attitude towards employment and the importance of employment as a booster of life. In prison term the basis of employment after the sentence is built by education, workplace learning and vocational guidance. Employment brings different benefits, for example withdrawal from the criminal way of life, day rhythm and incoming.