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  • Virta, Heidi (2017)
    Objectives. The aim of the research was to expand the awareness of the leadership and quality of small children pedagogy. The research provides information on how the heads form the awareness of small children pedagogy, early childhood researches and development, as well as on how they lead structures and activities of early childhood education. The aim of the research was to stimulate discussion and reflection on the point of view of small children pedagogical leadership. This particular leadership area has received little attention in the society. Methods. The research was conducted using qualitative methods. The target group consisted of 14 heads of day care units at the same administrative region in the City of Helsinki. The heads received an electronic questionnaire in March 2016. They described positive points of view and views with needs to develop what they saw in the small children´s group environment. The heads described views to build awareness and to develop skills and thoughts about needs and ways to develop small children pedagogy. Material derived from the research were analysed using qualitative methods. Results and conclusions. The results of the research reveal how the heads form awareness of the leadership of small children pedagogy, how they sustain their skills and what are their thoughts on developing the small children pedagogy. In conclusion, the research reveals how important the adults are in terms of the sensitivity represent and the sensitivity to observe and modify the emotional, social and physical situations in operation when needed. High quality pedagogy requires functional structures to face in professional co-operating. Kindergarten teachers are in a significant position to develop and sustain pedagogy in operation. The results can be adapted to develop the leadership of early childhood education. National basics of early childhood education plan were adopted in October 2016. The new local early childhood education plans will be introduced the 1st of August 2017. The effects of the change in small children pedagogy were not yet to be estimated as the research was carried out.