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  • Varonen, Maria (2018)
    Tiedekunta - Fakultet - Faculty Kasvatustieteellinen Tekijä - Författare - Author Varonen Maria Anastasia Työn nimi - Arbetets titel Luomupuuvillan ja bambukuidun nyppyyntyminen neuleissa Title Organic cotton and bamboo pilling in sweaters Oppiaine - Läroämne - Subject Craft science Työn laji/ Ohjaaja - Arbetets art/Handledare - Level/Instructor Master’s Thesis / Päivi Fernström Aika - Datum - Month and year May 2018 Sivumäärä - Sidoantal - Number of pages 25 pp. + 1 appendice Tiivistelmä - Referat - Abstract Goals The purpose of this study is to find out how the yarns picked up for this study will apply to knitting. The aim of this study is to especially examine how hundred percent organic cotton and bamboo endure consumption in Martindale consumption test and does the loop tightness affect to the pilling of the knit. Previous studies have pointed out that the pilling of knits is a problem in clothing manufacturing and there are many things that affect the pilling. According to the previous studies were able to observe that animal filaments were studied more than materials that are plant filaments. In this study plant filaments are in examine and more closely organic cotton and bamboo. Methods This study is quantitative study, more closely empirical study. In this study was intended to describe and demonstrate pilling by charts and pictures. The meaning of this study is to examine the changes that appears into the knits during the tests. The take of this study was very small and therefore the results cannot be generalized. From the results of this study were able to get allusion from the yarns durability because the results were compared into the textile standards. Results In the study were carried out empirical tests with Martindale consumption device. Hundred percent organic cotton knit got better results than bamboo knit. The results were also compared with the guideline of the standard SFS-EN ISO 12945-2. Only one sample did get the rank that would pass the standard and it was the organic cotton knit which was knitted with the smaller loop tightness. In the study was noticed that loop tightness has remarkable impact on the pilling. The bigger the loop tightness is the more and easily the knit was about to pill. From this study can be drawn the conclusion that neither of the yarns apply to be used in big knitting jobs because they were weak from their durability and easily pilling. From this study’s results cannot make any bigger conclusions but the results give some references about these yarns durability and pilling that were tested in this study. Avainsanat - Nyckelord Nyppyyntyminen, Martindale, luomupuuvilla, bambu Keywords Pilling, Martindale, organic cotton, bamboo Säilytyspaikka - Förvaringsställe - Where deposited Helsinki University Library – Helda / E-thesis (theses) Muita tietoja - Övriga uppgifter - Additional information