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  • Grönvall, Julia (2016)
    The purpose of this thesis was to find out what kind of literature there is at the kindergarten with children between the ages of 0 and 3. The main focus is on accessibility of the books, their versatility and durability. The theoretical frame is about children’s literature from a historical and a practical view. In the practical part there are even some examples of how a bookshelf should look like at the kindergarten. The theoretical frame emphasizes also what the national regulatory documents consider about children’s literature. The study is a structured observations in which 10 Swedish kindergarten in Helsinki city attended. The focus was the groups with children between ages 0 and 3. The result shows that the kindergartens find it important that the books are available to the children. The books are versatile but there are big differences between the kindergartens. The books could be more durable and the bookshelves should be cleaned more often to keep the books clean.