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  • Andersson, Johanna (2018)
    The purpose of this study is to give answers to common preconceptions about preschool children’s use of digital technology. The main questions of this study are: 1. Do childhood and digital technology mix? 2. Does digital technology hinder the social and emotional development of children? 3. How can digital technology be used in playing and learning? The method of the study is a literature overview consisting of nine articles. The articles are compared to each other, to the ealy childhood teaching program and also to a few news stories. Method used in study is a narrative overview of the literaure. The majority of the studies compared have a positive attitude to preschool children’s use of digital technology. It is the responsibility of the teachers and other grown-ups to scaffold children to use digital technology in a useful, diverse and safe way. Digital play is a huge part of the lives of today’s children.