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  • Rajala, Satu (2021)
    Interest towards natural dyes and natural dyed products increases among condumers and industry. In this research is intended to gather recent study of cotton dyed with quercetin from onion skins (Allium cepa), and colourfastness of these natural dyeing processes. In this study I also research what mordant brings the best result in colourfastness prosperities. In this systematic review there was precise criteria to the articles that were picked to this review. Every study reseaches woven cotton fabric dyed with quercetin from onion skins. Three studies out of four uses mordants in their research. One study uses pre-treatment with chitosan solution. These four studies were compared and attempted to discover similarities in which dyeing methods and mordants brings the best dyeing result dyeing cotton with quercetin. Effects of mordanting and pre-treatments were analysed in colourfastness and dyeing process. Colourstrenght of different mordants and ways of mordanting were also compared with each other and with chitosan pre-treatment. Every study showed that mordanting or chitosan pre-treatment affected positively on the dyeing result and the result of colour fastness depending on which treatment was used to fabric in question. Optimization of natural dyeing process with cotton and quercetin was not able to be found and the dyeing processes differed lots of ways. Iron mordanted and dyed fabrics brought good results in general with colour fastness. Copper mordant got same kind of results but using copper mordant in dyeing process is questionable because of it is hazardous to environment. Alum mordanted fabrics got mixed result in colour fastness in different studies. In general, pre-treatment and mordanting improves dyeing results and colour fastness. In this study I try to find subject to research this futher for my Master’s thesis in this same field of study.