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  • Holmström, Jannica (2016)
    The aim of the study was to find what parents think about the cooperation with the educators in daycare. I also wanted to find out what experiences they have had and what they think about the cooperation methods. My method was quantitative and I did an electronic survey that was shared on social media and sent via email. The survey was answered by parents with children in daycare or preschool. The most important outcome of the study was that the parents had good and positive experience of cooperation. They thought that the cooperation is something important and that the forms of cooperation are important elements. Another result was that the parents had different experiences with different teachers. According to the parents the cooperation with one educator could be very good, while they had a hard time to get along with another educator because of the chemistry. Some parents said that there were teachers who did not have any knowledge of how to work together. Therefore it seems like the cooperation between parents and educators often works well. Some educators however have not good skills in cooperating with parents. All teachers should have the knowledge of how important cooperation is for both the parents and the teachers' own work. Personal chemistry should not affect much, because the teachers should be professional.