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  • KIa-Maria, Niemi (2019)
    This thesis was written in spring 2019. During this time, the technological expansion had already reached the pedagogical field, and thus many schools where actively using different technological devices in their education. There is a limited amount of studies from the 21st century that have been conducted in how the students perceive their learning environment and furthermore, none of these have been done after the concept of “one tabloid per student” got more and more common in schools and the technological expansion spread its wings to the school environment. With this in mind it became more important to conduct a study in how students see their classroom environment and moreover how and what they feel about the use of technological devices in education. The purpose of this study was to conduct an analysis about what the situation looks like right now in primary school education and further to get a deeper insight in what aspects students feel that are essential in their classroom environment. This study was conducted as a qualitative ethnographical study. Participatory Action Research was used as the method. Data was collected through gathering altogether N=30 drawings, sketched by primary school students in one school located in Southern Finland. I was present in the school during the whole time the students drew in order to ensure a smooth data-collection process. The data was then analysed and processed thematically. The result showed a clear socio-emotional aspect. It pinpointed a clear desire and need from students to have the possibility to choose between active and passive quests. Sectioning of the classroom, technological devices and different physical education elements occurred as repeated themes. In the data collected, the technological aspects did not stand out, the results however indicated a strong need from the students to have more time and space to take it easy and relax