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  • Packalén, Johanna (2016)
    Collocation, which means two schools with different languages being located in the same building, has become even more common in Finland. For the last few years, people have been debating about the pros and cons for having both Finnish-speaking and Swedish-speaking students in the same school. Terms like bilingual school and collocation have been the main terms of the discussion. In Sipoo two secondary schools, Kungsvägens skola and Sipoonjoen koulu, were decided to be collocated. Though, it turned out to be a not so carefree decision and therefore an interest of the subject of this thesis was awoken. The teachers of Kungsvägens skola were displeased about not getting enough information about the decision and opportunities to influence it. In the thesis I begin by describing the national debate and the pros and cons discussed concerning bilingual and collocated schools, and then I proceed to compare this debate to the situation in Sipoo. Many similarities can be found, and especially the situation of the Swedish language has been discussed in many contexts. Other aspects mentioned are the well-being and identity of the students.