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  • Hyttinen, Heini (2019)
    This study examines the development of a work identity in people studying general degrees that do not lead to a certain occupation. The aim is to showcase how a work identity of students of general and adult education in the University of Helsinki is structured, how the development process is and whether their studies support this process. The study was conducted by interviewing six students of general and adult education in the University of Helsinki in the spring of 2019. The interviewees were asked about their studies and work life. The transcribed interviews were analysed by using content analysis, searching for similarities and differences. Five components of a work identity were showcased in the interviews: values and goals concerning work, interests, idea of oneself as a worker, and placement of oneself in relation to others. The interviewees felt it important to find work they like and that corresponds with their degree and values. Also, the opportunity to have a say in the workplace was held important. The interviewees found it hard to describe a common identity for all students of general and adult education, besides interest in education and active citizenship. However, they found it important to make a distinction between them and class teacher students. The interviewees have built the perception of themselves as workers based on other’s notions, work experience and the example of others. The generality of the degree was not found to be a negative thing, but the interviewees admit it demands more identity work and pondering of possibilities because of unclear future prospects. The studies did not majorly support the development of the work identity, instead it has developed at work.