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  • Emmes, Nelli (2017)
    Digital devices have become more common in our everyday lives, and at the same time the use of digital devices has increased in school teaching. Because of the increased use of digital devices, one can expect that reading is increasingly done from a digital display. Reading is an essential part of our everyday live, therefore it is important to find out, whether there is a difference between reading printed text or electronic text. The purpose of this study was to find out what kind of influence does reading from display have on reading comprehension. Furthermore, the purpose of this study was to find out what kind of features electronic texts and digital devices contain that are related to reading comprehension. The study was conducted as a literature review. Helsinki University library’s database Helka and Arto, as well as Google Scholar -search engine, were used to find research material. The references of the study compose of doctoral theses, reports and theoretical literature. In addition, electronic publications have also been utilised, such as teaching curriculums. As a conclusion of the research, it can be stated that reading from display do not influence on reading comprehension. Compared with print books, electronic books and devices contain different features, such as reading aloud and electronic dictionaries. However, these qualities do not influence on reading comprehension. Instead of the qualities of an electronic book and the form of an electronic or a print book, it can be found out that there are other factors that influence reading comprehension, such as the interest into the book and the reading strategy.