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  • Eskelinen, Vesa (2017)
    The purpose of this Bachelor’s Thesis is to examine how class teachers experience primary school’s curriculum emphasis and its effects to the operational culture of the school. My interest is also to examine how teachers feel about implementing emphasised teaching in their jobs. According to studies the aims of the curriculum can often be in contradiction with the teaching practices and the curriculum remains as an administerial document which has no influence on customary practices. The focus of this Bachelor’s Thesis is to research teachers’ views about implementing emphasised curriculum and their thoughts about how the aims are accomplished. Moreover, the research is interested of teachers’ opinions on nature and science emphasised curriculum and their views about its usefulness. The research methods for this thesis were qualitative and the approach was phenomenological hermeneutical. The material for the research was collected with semi-structured theme interviews. Two class teachers were interviewed for the purposes of the research. Content analysis was used for data analysis. The study shows that class teachers are experiencing emphasised curriculum to steer their teaching and creating an operational culture which encourages them to use diverse teaching methods. Although arranging classes in nature and using diverse teaching methods were often mentioned heavier than regular classroom teaching teachers considered it worth the effort. The interviewed teachers considered outdoor teaching impacting positively to group work skills, deeper understanding and activating pupils. It was also considered to affect positively to the motivation of pupils. Besides all the practical benefits the interviewed teachers found important to pass on the values of sustainable development and to help pupils to create a connection with nature.