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  • Penttinen, Terhi (2019)
    Purpose. Handicraft is a subject in many paintings from the Golden Age of Finnish Art where artists portray the lives of ordinary Finnish people. However, in contrast to being the main subject of the work, often handicraft is only referenced. Aim of this study is to find and interpret the meanings of these handicraft references in four paintings from the Golden Age of Finnish Art and to find out if they have something to tell us about the status of handicraft in Finland during the Golden Age of Finnish Art between 1880 and 1910. Methods. This study utilizes semiotics and uses connotative image analysis as a research method. Research material consists of four paintings from the Finnish National Gallery Ateneum that are painted during the Golden Age of Finnish Art and from which handicraft references can be found. Paintings taken into analysis are Albert Edelfelt’s Queen Bianca (1877), Elevenses (probably from 1884) and Annie Edelfelt with Fredrika Snygg (1888) and Eero Järnefelt’s Potrait of Baron Johan Philip Palmén, Vice Chancellor of the University (1890). Research material was found on the Art Collections Online-website which is online service offered by the Finnish National Gallery. Results and conclusions. The references to handicraft within the research material were observed through crafting as well as portrayals of the materials and tools being used. The paintings reflected the significance of handicraft —particularly to lives of women — during the late 19th and early 20th century. All works referenced handicraft performed by women. Handicraft was an essential part of the everyday lives of women, especially in the upper class. The handicrafters were a visible part of their environment and perhaps even taken for granted. Handicrafts were usually performed at home, but they were still a very social occasion and important part of the everyday life of women.