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  • Hakuli, Arttu (2019)
    Masculinity and femininity have traditionally been a big part of sports, through the hierarchical gender system. This has defined what kind of exercise have been considered suitable for girls and what kind of hobbies boys must have. This Bachelor’s Thesis’ purpose is to find out, how the link between gender and sports is reflected in research literature. The focus is on children and adolescents. I study relationship between gender and sports using Barrie Thorne’s theory of Borderwork and Judith Butler’s theory of performative acts in gendered society. With these theories I also try to explore the diversity of gender and find different ways to deal with this complexity in the field of sports. Based on the research literature, I can allege that the world of sports is still quite gendered, and the types of sports are still divided according to gender. In addition, in physical education, different kind of things are expected from boys and girls. In order to change the unequal status between sexes, physical education teachers need to pay attention to the way children and adolescents are educated and how gender is considered in sports. It is important to think about, how to carry out children’s and youngster’s exercise situations and how to take note sex in physical education. Everyone should have the possibility to performs as an athlete without gendered rules or being told what to do.