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  • Heikola, Emmi (2018)
    The aim of this thesis is to examine how this season’s fashion trends relate to the sketches made by 9th grade students in the subject of handicrafts. What kind of fashion references can be found in their sketches? Does current fashion define young people`s design ideas or are students capable of designing individual clothing by themselves? This research examines the world of fashion especially in the context of youth fashion. Earlier research has studied the theme of youth in the context of clothing and favourite clothes, but not from the viewpoint of student`s design competences. This thesis focuses on the theme of fashion and what kind of connection it has with student`s design ideas and sketching. The research method was based on organizing picture materials in different themes. Sketches on ensembles designed by Kruunuhaka junior high school students of optional handicrafts course were used as the source material. Sketches by three students chosen in a discretionary manner acted as the source material. The three most distinct sketches in a random set were picked. The sketches and drawings are meant to act as a designing tool to clarify the designer’s individual thinking. The sketches were studied to see if there were any connections between youth fashion and the designed ensembles. The assumption was that references to spring 2018 fashion would be found in the ensembles designed in the handicrafts course. The ensemble sketches showed clear references to spring 2018 fashion. As a conclusion it can be stated that youth design is steered by global fashion phenomena.