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  • Laine, Miina (2018)
    The aim of this study was to explore what are the factors that kindergarten teachers’ think make their job reasonable. In public conversations often discussed topics of early childhood education are the burden factors of the teachers profession, such as massive groups of children and lack of subtitudes. Because the positive sides of kindergaten teachers’ job are not discussed very often, I wanted to explore what are the factors that make kindergaten teachers job reasonable, especially since it’s often considered as a profession of calling. Kindergarten teachers’ thoughts of their job resources is not very widely searched topic in Finland, but researches of teachers’ experiences and international studys of kindergarten teachers’ job show that job resources are good. Studies have found, that children and their growing and learning are common and important job resources in any teachers’ job. Other significant factors are work community, leadership and work autonomy. This study is qualitative. It has been made in a mid-sized town in southern Finland. Three kindergarten teachers, who work in kindergartens with children from 3 to 5 year old, were interviewed for this study. Every interviewee has a bachelors degree from university and had work experience for at least five years. Interviews were semi-structured and they were analysed using the thematic analysis method. The results of this study are in line with earlier studies. All the interviewees liked working with children and considered seeing children grow and learn as a significant job resource. Good work climate and functioning co-operaton with workmates were considered as important job resources. Results also show that with right attitude worker can protect oneself from burden factors. In this study it was also shown that job resources have an influence on each other. For example, clear division of work enabled the utilization of one’s professional knowledge, which for it’s part affected to the work climate. Results show that there are many job resources in kindergarten teachers’ work.