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  • Åhman, Monica (2019)
    Aims. The aim of my bachelor thesis was to compile a descriptive literature review about information of previous studies of work engagement and job demands and resources researches. Well-being at work and coping at work are socially important issues, as work is an essential part of the lives of the majority of the population. Work engagement is a positive concept related to the well-being at work that provides information of well-being at work through the meaning of work. The job demands and resources model is a work property model which is designed to take into account the health and well-being of employees by evaluating work requirements and work resources. In my bachelor thesis I review work engagement, the factors that generate it, its effects and the relationship between job demands and resources with work engagement. My research questions are 1) which factors are making work engagement, 2) what are work engagement effects and 3) what is the relationship between job demands and resources with work engagement? Methods. I did my thesis as a descriptive literature review. My material consisted of nine peer-reviewed scientific article collected from the Helka database and two productions which are based on work engagement from Julkari database. The analysis was carried out as a content analysis, by striking out the material and compiling a table of data in relation to the research questions. Results and conclusions. Based on the results, in particular interaction with others can be seen as generating work engagement. Other factors that generates work engagement are changes in working life and independent decision making. The positive effects of work engagement are its adherence between people and positive work engagement through factors that generates work engagement. Based on the articles job demands and resources are related to work engagement, and resources are positively connected to the work engagement. Job demands are related to burnout in the long term. Resources which specially came up were different positive interactions.