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  • Parman, Marlene (2018)
    The purpose of this research is to examine the experiences and views of university students on the working life competence. The purpose is to clarify what kind of working life competence can students get in their study programme. Furthermore, it is intended to survey what kind of working life competence the students experience that they are needing and what kind of development proposals they have. The students´ views are compared with earlier studies and definitions of the general working life competence. Finally new development lines are thought about to the contents and realisation of the training programme so that studies could offer the necessary lunches to the working life. The study was carried out as a qualitative study. Theme interviews of three university students were used of the material of the study. All the interviewees are students of the Master of Arts stage from the same training programme. All the interviewees had different experiences of the studying through practical training as well as exchange studying. The collected material was analysed on a content analysis. On the basis of the research results the students experienced that they had got a swarm of different working life competence of their studies. They believed that they will need and make use of these skills in the working life in different assignments. On the other hand, the students also experienced that they don´t get all usefull working life competence of the content of their study programme. The students would have wanted more teaching about performance skills and the IT skills in their studies. Furthermore, the students would want more work orientation and practice vicinity to their studies. On the basis of the research results working life cooperation should be added to academic education. Also teaching should be developed in a direction which would prepare students to the future working life.