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  • Kontio, Vesa (2023)
    Non-native species can have complex effects on the abundance of native species potentially altering the functioning of ecosystems negatively. Invasive species can outcompete local species competing for resources, ultimately causing the extinction of local species. Inter- and intraspecific competition can be especially vigorous for limited resources. Invasive species have been thought to be a leading cause in native species extinction, and their effects on native species can be especially pronounced during reproductive crucial life-history stages, such as nest-building. Based on previous information about invasive species and their effects on ecosystems, and previous studies conducted related to invasive species, I conducted an experiment at the Tvärminne zoological station in Hanko, southern Finland during May and June of 2021. I conducted a laboratory experiment in which the test species used were the invasive fish species round goby, that has increased its range across the Baltic Sea rapidly, and the native fish species sand goby. The purpose was to see, if there was any effect the invasive species has on the nesting success and motivation of the native species. Methods included five different treatments in aquariums. The results did not differ statistically between different treatments, length was close to statistical significance. However, these results do not demonstrate, that the round goby has no effect on the nest building motivation of sand gobies. Some factors of the experimental setup might have been faulty, and future studies with a larger sample are needed to examine the effects of competition on native species’ abundance.